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Areas of Practice
The Dodd Law Firm offers a wide range of services, including legal consultations, court representation, and more.
Learn More About Administrative Law
Administrative Law
Our administrative lawyers provide legal assistance for those facing issues such as professional license loss, social security/disability benefit denial, and regulatory agency disputes.
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Learn More About Alabama State Bar Hearings
Alabama State Bar Hearings
Whether you’re a law student or a practicing attorney in need of legal counsel, reach out to our experienced lawyers for quality representation.
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Learn More About Pharmacy Board Hearings
Pharmacy Board Hearings
Let our lawyers build you a strong defense and represent you in court when facing an issue in front of the Board of Pharmacy.
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Learn More About Nursing Board Hearings
Nursing Board Hearings
If you are a nurse facing allegations in court, whether it’s practice-related or behavioral, you need a trustworthy attorney who can defend you.
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Learn More About Civil Law
Civil Law
Whether you’re dealing with issues such as wrongful death or auto accidents, you need an attorney who ensures your rights are protected.
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Learn More About Vehicle And Auto Accidents
Vehicle and Auto Accidents
If you are involved in a vehicle or auto accident, we can help determine liability and pursue compensation for damages.
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Learn More About Wrongful Death
Wrongful Death
Let our attorneys help you navigate wrongful death cases to establish liability and pursue compensation, including financial support and funeral expenses.
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Defective Products
Defective Products
Our attorneys can help you identify liable parties, such as manufacturers or distributors, and pursue compensation for injuries resulting from defective products.
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Learn More About White Collar Crimes
White Collar Crimes
From fraud to embezzlement cases, our defense attorneys have the complete knowledge to defend clients against allegations and protect their rights.
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Learn More About Criminal Law
Criminal Law
From criminal cases such as DUI or drug charges, you can trust our criminal defense attorneys to protect your rights, ensure a fair trial, and advocate for justice.
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Learn More About Dui
If you are charged with driving under the influence, our attorneys can build a strong defense to help you achieve a favorable outcome such as reduced penalties and alternative sentencing options.
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Learn More About Drug Charges
Drug Charges
Whether you are charged with possession, manufacturing, or trafficking illegal substances, our skilled criminal defense attorneys can help you protect your rights throughout the legal process.
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Learn More About Domestic Violence
Domestic Violence
Our lawyers are ready to help with domestic violence cases, involving physical, emotional, or psychological abuse within intimate partner or familial relationships.

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Learn More About Juvenile Crime
Juvenile Crime
As an experienced defense attorney for juvenile crimes, we're here to protect the rights of young minors, advocating for counseling and other rehabilitation measures.
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Federal Crimes
Federal Crimes
If you are a government employee facing federal crimes, our defense attorneys can help protect your rights in the federal legal system.

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Learn More About Embezzlement
If you’re accused of embezzlement, such as theft or misappropriation of funds or assets in a professional or corporate setting, hire a trustworthy defense attorney to fight for the best outcome.
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Hube is very professional and very effective. He seems to really care about his clients. He was always there for us and always explained everything...
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Very knowledgeable and professional. Highly recommend the Dodd Law Firm.
Jennifer J.
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