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Hube Dodd LawHube Dodd LawHube Dodd LawHube Dodd LawHube Dodd Law
  • Administrative Hearings

    Whether you are a professional or organization licensed by the state, or an individual facing disciplinary proceedings in front of a personnel board, our vast experience handling Administrative Hearings can protect your livelihood and prevent unjust accusations from ruining your career or business. 


  • Criminal Defense

    Since the founding of this country, the criminal defense lawyer has stood as the champion of the constitution and defender of the principals our founding fathers cherished. We eagerly carry on this proud tradition at The Dodd Law Firm, and will stand by your side and shield you during your darkest hour. 

  • White Collar Crimes

    White Collar crimes can be devastating to those accused as well as their families. It is of vital importance that those facing such charges are proactive and consult experienced counsel to help navigate through the complex state and federal statutes covering these crimes and the practical considerations that come with these types of prosecutions. 

  • Personal Injury

    When someone is injured through the negligence or intentional act of another, our free market offers only one recourse: A Civil Action. At The Dodd Law Firm we believe in the free market and the system of justice it lays out for those who are hurt through no fault of their own. Call today for a free consultation to learn how we can help you seek justice.

  • Corporate Representation

    Representing small to medium sized businesses, The Dodd Law Firm provides comprehensive from civil defense to business planning and regulatory consulting, giving the same level of personal attention we do to all our clients while never losing sight of the bottom line.

Lawsuit Goes Forward

A Lawsuit filed by The Dodd Law Firm against Carbon Hill and various officials of that City has been cleared to proceed by a Federal Judge. The Lawsuit alleges retaliatory motives regarding the firing or the Former Chief and Assistant Chief of Police. Both were originally assigned as clients to Partner Hube Dodd by the Policeman Benevolent Society, with whom Mr. Dodd works to protect the rights of law enforcement officials throughout the State of Alabama, part of…

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Hube Dodd, Founder

Mr. Dodd represents clients in both state and federal courts in both civil and criminal matters. Originally starting his career at Jaffe, Strickland & Drennan, he rose from junior associate to become that firm’s Managing Partner in 2009. In 2010, he founded The Dodd Law Firm, where he puts…

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